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  • How we realise change:

    understand. take responsibility. change

Our methods.

Change management in the organisation is only successful if the formulation of the problem, goals, and level of organisations are viewed holistically.

Consulting approach for organisational change.

Connection of structural and cultural methods

  • A holistic view of the areas for action of an organisation
  • A holistic view of the effect of possible solutions

Systemic view of the organisation

  • Focus on measures with leverage
  • Considering the mid-term and long-term effect of measures

Organisational and personal focus

  • Accompanying processes related to group dynamics (workshop design/moderation)
  • Accompanying processes related to staff (coaching, training on the job)

Expert knowledge

Process and project management know-how

Stages of organisational change.

Everyone knows the stages we go through during periods of change. Not only as personal experience but also in the company. The first impulse during change tends to be euphoria because everyone wants something to change. However, shock takes its place quickly since change is all well and good but please not for me!

After the state of shock, much energy is spent on proving that everything is good the way it is and always has been. We call this stage denial. Once it is evident that the change is consequential, the organisation falls into a depressive state. Only then, can change be achieved slowly but steadily, followed by acceptance.

Developmental stages in organisations.

The processline change network.

Strategy, technology, processes, organisation and culture are the five key elements of a company. These five aspects should be aligned symmetrically and harmoniously. The result is a healthy company that has the best chances of being successful and maintaining that success in the future as well.

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