• Change can be done differently:

    holistic. supportive. sustainable.

Your professional operative consultancy for successful organisational change.

Change can be done differently: We combine systemic consultation with operational support in the implementation of corporate strategies. We optimise business processes and organisational structures, integrate new business areas, services and products. We conduct mergers, acquisitions, as well as restructurings, and organise the introduction of new IT systems (ERP, CRM).

Our scope of activities.


  • Automobile & Suppliers

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Energy & Environment

  • Health Care

  • Internet & E-Commerce

  • Mechanical/Plant Engineering

  • Other Industrial Goods & Services

  • Technology & Telecommunications

Scope of work:

  • Change Management & Transformation

  • Digitalisation

  • Innovation & Growth

  • IT implementation

  • Operations Management

  • Organisation

  • Restructuring

How are we different.

understand. take responsibility. change. SMEs, in particular, have been choosing our owner-managed consulting firm since 2002 because of this service commitment and an efficient, as well as on-schedule, project management.

The reason for our success.

Our secret to success is the combination of systemic consultation with operational support. We examine the areas for action of an organisation and the effect of possible solutions holistically. We combine structural and cultural methods and accompany processes related to group dynamics and staff. Everything in the context of industry-specific, professional and expert knowledge paired with process and project management expertise.

Success stories.

Our heart belongs to SMEs: energy service companies and municipal providers, telecommunications companies and cable operators, machine and plant manufacturers, automotive suppliers and more. We are well familiarised with and well versed in these industries. The client list of processline includes 200 enterprises – most of which higher-level mid-market companies. We introduce you to selected change projects.

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