Svenja Lemcke

After completing her suggestopedic teacher training, Svenja Lemcke has put her creative and dynamic nature into service for the advertising industry. Advertising agencies in Munich and Mannheim, as well as the marketing department of a well-known company from the food industry, proved to be the perfect line of work for taking her valuable first career steps. Before fully devoting herself to management consulting, she developed another strong skill: her almost intuitive aptitude for digital transformation and the Internet of Things, which she demonstrated working for a company specialised on high-speed Internet. In 2012, we were able to win over Svenja Lemcke for processline. Her expertise encompasses business process management, project management, systemic organisation consulting, transactional analysis and coaching. Her outstanding talent as a moderator of innovation workshops and creative training with excellent communication skills make her a unique member of our expert team.

That motivates me the most as a consultant.

As you can see from my background, I need and enjoy varied challenges. I experience and learn something new every day. It is not just us who share their experience and knowledge with the client. It is rather the best of both. We learn something from our clients time and time again. And incidentally, we regularly meet new, interesting and magnificent people. Above all, I am driven by a childlike curiosity that also makes it easy for me to get excited about my job.

The most exciting challenges in change management.

True to our motto ‘Change can be done differently’, I am currently trying to ascertain how change can take place without a change curve. After all, people are not categorically afraid of change. A change of scenery is one of the main reasons for going on vacation, for experiencing things differently and discovering new cultures and ways of life. That is why people look forward to the first day of their new job. Change is no different. There is no reason to fear a change in the company. Especially since I, for my part, believe that a change curve will no longer be sustainable in a VUCA world. In general, it is a great position to accompany and assist people in their change. 

When I need to get away from it all.

For me, relaxing means spending time with my family, husband and daughter, and being in whatever state I happen to be. With all the professionalism every day, there is nothing better than letting loose :-). Then there are also dog and cat who demand attention occasionally. I generally enjoy spending cosy evenings with the people I like having around me. If I need me-time, I like to read a good book. However, I prefer to devote myself to my art. It is the best escape from the daily routine and stress. 

Svenja Lemcke


CHANGE does not require a change curve!