Oliver Hannus

Oliver Hannus has been part of processline GmbH since 2021. After studying organizational psychology in Munich and doing a few professional positions, the trained merchant expanded his skills for 11 years as managing director of a medium-sized company in the electrical trade.

Additionally he successfully completed the SAP consultant training in the modules Sales and Distribution and Material Management. Training as a quality management auditor is also part of his professional portfolio.

Oliver Hannus is particularly characterized by his trained eye for shaping the future (vision) and the implementation of diagnostic processes. These skills make him the ideal consultant in change management.

That motivates me the most as a consultant.

I enjoy solving problems or getting a little closer to the solution. I like to push things that have fallen by the wayside at some point.

The most exciting challenges in change management.

We encounter changes everywhere in life – professionally and privately. Change management helps us as consultants to plan these changes in a target-oriented manner, to implement them dynamically, to control them analytically and to draw the right conclusions for the next steps.

When I need to get away from it all.

I like to go hiking and ride an old fashioned motorcycle. Occasionally I also play hockey or stand on the sidelines as a coach for our youth teams. Besides that I like spending some cozy hours with my wife and my two sons.

Oliver Hannus


One waits for time to change, the other grabs it vigorously and acts. – Dante Alighieri