Hannah Ewert

Since 2022, Hannah Ewert has been supporting our processline consultants, who actively support our customers in their change projects, and assists them in their projects.

The trained organizational pedagogue was able to gain experience in project management during her studies. This primarily included projects in the area of ​​personnel and managerial development. Most recently, she worked as a founder in the food industry.

Hannah Ewert has received training in the areas of project and process management, adult education, human resources management, personnel development and German labor law.

That motivates me the most as a consultant.

Confusing and inefficient initial situations that harbor frustration are mapped into transparent, easily understandable and implementable processes. Seeing the progress in the organization and the satisfaction of the employees motivates me!

The most exciting challenges in change management.

In order to transform an organization sustainably, a change in culture is required.
Culture doesn’t change simply because we decide it should. It reflects the living environment of every individual who is in their cultural area.
We can change it by creating framework conditions that are worthy of change, bring about progress and improve cooperation between the actors.

When I need to get away from it all.

In my free time I meet my family and friends. Cooking together takes place on the weekends, where I also regularly dance salsa. In general, sport helps me to clear my head so that I can work with full commitment in our customers’ projects.

Hannah Ewert


“We never experience the world as it really is. We only experience the world as we are. “


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