Günter Volz

Günter Volz, actually a banker, spent his first professional years working as a sales representative of the largest private building society before his calling led him to the consulting industry. The certified sales manager underwent training to become a coach and a change agent. He also obtained further training in classical and agile project management and transaction analysis. He has demonstrated his consulting skills as an external project manager for the implementation of consulting software in cooperative banks. Since then, he has accompanied more than 50 change processes focusing on IT. Günter Volz has been a member of our expert team since 2019, providing valuable contribution with 20 years of consulting expertise.

What motivates me the most as a consultant.

Achieving a beneficial effect for the end-users is the best reward for the many thoughts that you implement before and during the project.

The most exciting challenges in change management.

Involves taking people on a journey into a changed world of work so that they realise that the change has a positive impact.

And when I need to get away from it all.

Playing music with my friends in the music society (I play the clarinet) on Friday evening after a busy week or enjoying the welcome distraction of archery outdoors in nature, makes me feel most relaxed.

Günter Volz


The output counts – but it needs to have purpose and quality. We are all judged on results. But the classic profit motive has had its day. People today need to feel that their work has a purpose for them to be motivated to deliver high quality.