Carol Rohnacher

Carol Rohnacher has a German Magister’s degree in Sociology/Ethnology and a Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies at the University of Darwin, Australia. After graduating, she stayed in academia by working as a student advisor for five years. This stage of her career taught her that she quickly understands the perspectives of other people and can unravel, organise and reframe ambiguous situations. To further substantiate this aptitude, she completed the post-graduate refresher course ‘Education Consultancy and Skills Development’ as practical training for consultants from different consulting fields. Since 2019, Carol has worked as Consulting Support across projects, accompanying change projects in various stages, while keeping an eye on essential workflows and documentation, to ensure full implementation of our quality standards in every process.

That motivates me the most in my profession.

I see myself as a very inquisitive person who is strongly motivated by the need to explore new fields of knowledge and become intimately familiar with them. I find the multi-dimensional subject matter of change processes and change management are ideally suited for this. What makes it even more exciting for me is the fact that change is never a one-person show, but can best be achieved through a collaborative effort, that is, together with your team and the client. I find this human, cooperative dimension of change just as motivating.

The most exciting challenges in change management.

The idea that change processes require a holistic approach, that uncertainties in companies have to be accepted, that one has to keep looking at the causes of success and failure now and then makes change both particularly exciting and challenging for me.

When I need to get away from it all.

Joint activities with my husband and my little daughter, preferably with plenty of exercise in the open air, automatically lift my spirits and take my mind off work.

Carol Rohnacher

Consulting Support


Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.

– Dalai Lama